About C4IR

About C4IR

The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution of the World Economic Forum (С4IR) is a global innovation platform that brings together governments, business organizations, advanced technology start-ups, civil society, academia and international organizations. The Centre is developing a favorable environment to harness the emerging technologies that will significantly impact the innovative development of Kazakhstan. C4IR Kazakhstan is a collaboration between Tech Hub, hosted by JSC Astana and the World Economic Forum

The key goal is to develop and implement scientific and technological solutions in various areas of human life, with the subsequent improvement of approaches and policies in order to increase economic benefits and reduce global risks.

Industry 4.0

The Center is working on the development of a Strategy for the implementation of projects of the Industry 4.0 concept, including

What gives Industry 4.0?

Promotion of economic growth and increase the welfare of citizens Measures to create a favorable environment for implementation and active involvement of market players Attracting investments, competencies and human capital of the private market and development in market conditions Unification of international norms and standards, existing national legal acts


Internet of Things

- The internet of things continues to spread to across all aspects of life and new policy frameworks and governance protocols are needed to address questions of security, data ownership, accuracy, and privacy. Project areas include: improving the security of industrial IoT devices and systems, developing IoT implementation models, educating consumers on privacy and security, increasing data sharing within and between the public and private sectors, and advancing an inclusive 5G roll-out across countries.

Data Policy

- The Data Policy project focuses on maximizing the humanitarian and beneficial uses of data while seeking to develop practical solutions using a multi stakeholder approach to policy-making. Project areas include: a data policy toolkit, GDPR compliance mechanisms for Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, and building a community of data analysts and strategists.

Digital Trade

- Enables the use of blockchain technology for good, such as by increasing efficiency and transparency in international trade. It evolves to empower new forms of digital commerce and cross-border data flows, addressing such challenges as outdated regulations, fragmented governance and strict data localization policies. Projects areas include: new policies for facilitating e-commerce, leveraging emerging technologies such as AI and blockchain to transform international trade, and building global norms for data flows.


Affiliate Centre for the 4IR in Kazakhstan
  The empowered innovation ecosystem is taken into account in the international validation, justification and rules in the field of new technology management.
It was launched on 1 July 2021 by the Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC), the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MDDIAI) and the World Economic Forum (WEF). Helps to shape the policy for the implementation and implementation of elements of Industry 4.0
It started functioning on September 1, 2021 and held online sessions (round tables) with WEF experts. Helps attract industry partners in the region, investors and solution providers, using AIFC privileges, the ability to develop regulatory standards, a database of local and international partners in business and industry.


The C4IR Network

The World Economic Forum is one of the world’s leading organizations promoting and supporting thedevelopment of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The WEF founded a global network of Fourth Industrial Revolution Centers, which brings together global companies, governments, start-ups, small and mediumsized enterprises, academia and international organizations from around theworld to work together in 9 innovative areas: AI and ML, IoT, robotics and smart cities, distributed ledgerblockchain technology, autonomous and urban mobility, unmanned aerial vehicles and tomorrow’s airspace, data policy, digital commerce. Launched in 2017, the global network of Centers has affiliated centers in the US, China, Israel, India, Japan and the UAE.

The World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution is convening the foremost international communities of governmental, corporate, civil society and technical leaders committed to shaping the governance and application of the most important Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies in the global public interest.