A robust policy for data management is increasingly becoming more important due to the growing value of the information and the associated social benefits data can bring.

The ever-evolving technologies under the fourth industrial revolution use data as a key resource for solving systemic problems, such as automatic classification of citizen appeals, assessing the quality of medical care, and much more. Consequently, this leads to an exponential growth of generated and stored data.

This growth brings new challenges and opportunities to the agenda of policymakers. In this context, AIFC Tech Hub is partnering with the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) within the framework of the project “Using Experiments in New Technology Policy and Regulatory Sandboxes for Digital Transformation in the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

The project is conducted with the support of the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the RK. The objective of the joint initiative is to develop a Data policy concept, which would provide recommendations for reviewing the current legal landscape of the Republic of Kazakhstan. With the delivery of the concept MDDIAI, Tech hub AIFC and UN DESA seek to support efficient digital transformation, ensure data quality, accelerate the formation of reliable data infrastructure, and provide data services for the sustainable development of public and business operations.

In order to discuss the international experience in data policies, identify opportunities and gaps, as well as form recommendations for the development and implementation of the best data management practices, MDDIAI, Tech hub and UN DESA are organizing the first National Data Policy Workshop on 2-3 November 2022 at the Astana International Financial Centre.

Participants will include international and local experts in the field of data collection and management, government representatives, players from the IT private sector, and academia.