The First Fintech Accelerator in Kazakhstan

The First Fintech Accelerator in Kazakhstan






The AIFC Tech Hub, Mastercard and IIDF are launching the first Fintech Accelerator of Kazakhstan for technology startups interested in partnering with the country's banks and entering a new dynamically developing market. Kazakhstan is the leader in the development of financial technologies among the countries of Central Asia and is included in the TOP-25 countries in the world is of ease doing business.

The main goal of the accelerator is to build long-term cooperation between banks in Kazakhstan, startups and mature technology companies. Accelerator participants will have the opportunity to launch a pilot with the country's banks, along with support from Tech Hub and Mastercard.


Accelerator finalists

  Accelera Customer Experience Platform
AI-based development of predictive/recommendatory models for the bank's business tasks.
No-code platform that allows banks to create vertical solutions and services based on a stream of fast data: payments, transactions, clicks, geolocation, etc.
ROBIN  Pay2u
Allows you to create "digital employees" (based on RPA), who perform routine tasks cheaper, faster and with more stable results.
Solution which creates SuperApps and embeds partner services, offers and content into the bank applications.
Scalaxi ITM VR Project
A DPA low-code platform that is the core for the digital transformation of any large enterprise
Creation of an ecosystem for the sale and implementation of projects in the field of residential and commercial real estate.
Wally Ed
Onboarding and adaptation of new employees.
A distance learning platform.
Data Fuel
It is a platform for corporate well-being of employees.
А marketing tool that allows you to increase sales through Big Data and personalization of marketing based on psychology.
Low-code international payment platform.
A visual web application designer that allows you to quickly and cost-effectively automate business processes.
Python RPA Ltd
Low-code platform that allows you to automate routine back office business processes.
B2B, B2C marketplace.
 Usedesk  RADAR
SaaS solution that simplifies and speeds up the work of customer support by combining all text communication channels in one window
A robotic system which used to optimize and automate internal banking operations.
Gridfore BenefittY
A platform for complex processing of big data in real time.
Platform for digital loyalty programs and personal offers.
IncSecurity Couch
Cybertonica Anomalytics
IT resource configuration security management platform.
Cross-channel risk monitoring.
AutoFAQ Gmobi
AI based service for robotization of corporate communications with employees and clients.
Gamification for super app.
Angry.Space Pluscards
A tool for communicating with customers in social networks and instant messengers.
A loyalty program for individuals and legal entities, with the possibility of providing earnings through a referral program and attracting other participants.
An omnichannel communication service that allows to implement web-telephony and video-banking in the bank.
А cloud SaaS platform that optimizes the costs of advertising campaigns on social networks based on artificial intelligence.
Goldex Robot Andata
The ATM which can buy and sell gold in products, bars and coins.
The customer's digital passport.
VAIS Reshape Loyalty Layout
An intelligent low-code platform for business process modeling.
It's a tool for increasing the management of the loyalty system.


Kazakhstan is a promising emerging market for startups

$164 billion
GDP. The second-largest CIS economy after Russia
Fast-growing e-commerce and cashless payments market
High level of penetration the internet
Progressive regulation (remote identification, cryptocurrency regulation, crowdfunding, online insurance, AIFC, etc.)
Times increase in non-cash payment volumes in 2020  Developed infrastructure to support startups: global opportunities for fintech companies in Kazakhstan


Partner banks

Altyn Bank JSC (SB of China CITIC Bank Corporation Ltd) — Altyn Bank JSC (SB China CITIC Bank Corporation Ltd) is a universal commercial bank serving corporate and retail clients. It is ranked 13th in terms of assets and has one of the highest ratings (Fitch - "BBB-", Moody's - "Ba1") among Kazakhstani commercial banks. In 2016, Altyn Bank JSC launched the first full-fledged digital bank Altyn-i in Kazakhstan with a full range of online financial services for individuals. In 2020, Altyn-I Digital Bank received an award from the Global Finance international magazine in the nomination The World's Best Consumer Digital Banks In Kazakhstan. Altyn Bank JSC has 6 branches: in Astana, Almaty, Atyrau, Shymkent, Aktau and in the AIFC, as well as 2 additional branches in Almaty.
Eurasian Bank is a worldwide social-minded financial institution with a 27-year history of development. It is consistently among the top 10 Kazakh banks. It occupies a leading position in the retail banking market with the highest share in the car loans and commodity loans market, and provides a wide range of services to corporate clients and SMEs. In July 2021, for the first time in Kazakhstan and the CIS, the bank launched an online service for lending new cars. In the near future, the bank will present similar remote services. The bank's sole shareholder is Eurasian Financial Company JSC, owned by the main owners of ERG, a large international diversified company that includes a third of the mining and metallurgical complex of Kazakhstan.
Freedom Finance Bank is an innovative bank in Kazakhstan offering digital products and financial services to the public and small businesses. It is included in the top 5 banks in terms of security in Kazakhstan (according TSARKA, the largest cybersecurity service provider in Central Asia) and has a Standard & Poor's rating at B- / B. In July 2021, the bank digitized the receipt of a mortgage loan by 90% and launched Digital Mortgage. Thanks to this product, Kazakhstan took first place in the ranking of the top 11 countries for digitalization of mortgages, ahead of the UK, USA and South Korea. The main advantage of the Digital Mortgage is speed - the whole process takes a day. The bank's shareholder is Freedom Holding Corp., which carries out financial activities, retail brokerage operations, securities trading, investment banking and underwriting services in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Germany and Cyprus.


Opportunities for accelerator participants

Launching a pilot project

Pilot project with one or more accelerator partner banks


Long-term commercial partnership with banks of Kazakhstan  

Support from Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC)

Assistance in registering and / or licensing a business in the jurisdiction of the AIFC:

  • International legal framework based on English law (common law)
  • Tax preferences for regulated activities of the AIFC until 2066 (0% CIT, IIT, VAT and social tax for non-residents)
  • Special labor and visa dispensations for expats and their families
  • Access to the Arbitration Center and the Independent Judicial System of the AIFC
  • Opportunity to test and pilot new fintech solutions in the AIFC Fintech Sandbox
  • Offices at the location of EXPO Astana for registered companies
  • Access to the growing financial and business ecosystem of the AIFC (1,000+ registered companies from 56 countries, plus corporate partners)


Support for fintech startups from Tech Hub

  • Access to the Venture Rocket Eurasia crowdfunding platform to raise venture capital
  • Assistance in structuring venture deals in the jurisdiction of the AIFC (convertible loans, issue of shares of different classes, etc.)
  • Venture studio
  • Incubation and acceleration programs
  • Mentoring platform


Searched for startup solutions

Digital products and services for bank clients: Private clients
  • Aggregator of offers with maximum personalization (including from SMB companies)
  • Platform / technologies for loyalty programs
  • Tools for creating digital client profiles based on behavioral analysis
  • Tools for using digital client profiles to increase sales
  • Digital banking services for private clients
  • Services for motorists
  • Image recognition solutions (e.g., for remote vehicle insurance, purchase analysis, etc.)
  • "Smart" ATMs: software for biometric authorization, digital banking services for ATMs


Digital products and services for bank clients: Government
  • Digital products and services for smart schools and universities - Combining several functions in student ID cards: meal payments, ACS, electronic assignment book, etc.
  • Biometrics for schools - Technologies for working with crypto exchanges / cryptocurrencies


Phone-based services and processes
  • Customer service quality control: mobile phone call recording, voice-to-text conversion with subsequent analysis, database of client requests, outgoing call analysis with reports
  • Robocaller for scheduling interviews and serving individual clients
  • Autodialer for known clients


Digital products and services for bank clients: SMBs
  • Digital services such as accounting, taxes, related IT services, and more
  • Tools for personalizing offers for legal entities
  • Personal account for e-commerce (order placement, data processing and analysis of all transactions)
  • Platform for aggregating offers for legal entities (B2B marketplace)
  • System for registering an individual entrepreneur as a new client (including biometrics and opening an account)
  • Electronic document management system for legal entities
  • Lending process automation for SMEs


  • Gamification for engagement with loyalty programs
  • Gamification to educate customers on bank products and mobile app
  • Gamification for payroll clients
  • Gamification for non-material motivation of employees
  • Gamification to stimulate collaboration between employees


HR management and employee training
  • Mobile application for employees: HR requests (vacation, sick leave, etc.), new employee orientation, training, news, office assignments
  • Organization of employee work time: planning and prioritizing tasks, "red flag" system for overdue tasks, yearly management review
  • Training to work in IT systems
  • Training soft skills: sales skills, conflict resolution, complex negotiations
  • Platform for onboarding new employees
  • Motivation tools for remote work
  • Efficiency monitoring / personnel assessment system


Digital products and services for bank clients: Corporations
  • Platform for aggregating offers for legal entities (B2B marketplace)
  • Electronic document management system for legal entities


  Sales / CRM tools
  • Digital marketing solutions
  • Chat platform
  • Platforms for omnichannel communication
  • Tools for developing B2B sales skills
  • Tools for improving B2B sales efficiency
  • Trade finance product sales tools
  • Sales accounting system for cold calling, bonus calculation


  Information security
  • Access control system (IdM)
  • Proactive threat hunting
  • Classification of information by access levels*
  • Collection and analysis of information about security events (SIEM)
  • Solutions for training employees in anti-phishing
  • * In accordance with the legislation of Kazakhstan


  Automation of typical bank workflows
  • Tools for optimizing processes based on potential efficiency improvement
  • Platform and methodology for digitizing processes
  • Solutions for automation, robotization, process control: RPA, BPM, ACM
  • Tools for joint management decision making
  • Services for collaborating on documents
  • Automation of processes for working with documents: checking correctness of data, filling all necessary fields, and other necessary conditions


  Automation of special bank workflows
  • Technologies for lending: scoring system, AI for granting loans / credit
  • Technologies for collateral management: system for analyzing the price market for collateral assets, platform for collateral asset value assessment (including image recognition technologies), technologies to facilitate mapping / control of collateral, processing collateral applications
  • Technologies for cash management and payment services: automation of standard operations, rate calculation



Terms of participation

  • MVP
  • Consistence with search areas
  • Presence of a team (2+ people)
  • Legal entity status


02.11.2021 Online meetup with partner banks (Ru)
Startup workshop at the international forum GoGlobal FORUM 2021 (Ru)
Deadline for applications from startups
Announcement of application results
21.12.2021 Online pitch session of selected startups with top management of the banks
2022 Piloting the best technological solutions in the banks of Kazakhstan