The affiliate Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Kazakhstan conducted two panel sessions on implementation of Industry 4.0 within the conference AFD 2022:

- On 27 June 2022 panel session "Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in Kazakhstan: Unlocking the potential of SMEs" was conducted.

With the participation of the international experts, service operator and IT solution provider, representatives of SMEs and government representative. International and local experts shared their experience and insights on the process of modernization of SMEs. At the same time, they talked about successful cases, as well as discuss the main barriers and recommendations for overcoming them.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) affiliate Centre for the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) announced the launch of initiatives in the direction of the Internet of Things (IoT) – the SME Futures Network project, which is a part of The Future of the Connected the World platform.

- On 28 June 2022 panel session “New Kazakhstan in the Era of 4IR” was held.

With the participation of AIFC Governor, UN, CEOs of Digital companies as international and local and international experts. Speakers shared best practices on global trends in new technologies and discuss the principles, approaches, tools of the implementation and potential effects of adoption of the Industry 4.0 technologies in Kazakhstan. The Government of Kazakhstan and the AIFC are conducting the creation of an ecosystem with beneficial conditions for scaling up and introducing advanced technologies, which will give a new pulse to the innovative development of Kazakhstan and Central Asia.


- From June 21 to June 23, Kuralay Akatova Engagement lead was sent to a global meeting of the 4IR in San-Fransicso network of Centers, business leaders, start-up entrepreneurs, innovators, politicians, experts and representatives of civil society for a three-day field seminar "Global Technology Governance Retreat" to discuss strategic priorities, strengthen trusting partnerships and promote flagship initiatives. This event allowed Centre to exchange valuable information, discuss the potential for joint development of ideas, collaboration, as part of the introduction of technologies of the fourth industrial revolution. A number of meetings were held with IT companies: the Caspian Container Company, Integral Group, the Great Caspian Association, the Turkish Association of Employers of the Metallurgical Industry, beit tech, the Consul General of the Republic of Kazakhstan in San Francisco.


 - May 19 this year in a hybrid format, a discussion was held with the participation of the AIFC Administration, representatives of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the business community (more than 60 people took part), where the possibilities of creating a regulatory sandbox for data management were discussed. Also, together with the UN Department for Economic Development, work is underway to develop country recommendations on the regulatory sandbox in Kazakhstan.

Panel Discussion "Connectivity as a gateway to sustainable development"

Round table on "Transition to the international PRMS system for hydrocarbon reserves and resources"

Agreement with UN on Sustainable Internet payment model
The World Economic Forum's affiliate Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Kazakhstan held a panel discussion "Connectivity as a gateway to sustainable development" At the site of the affiliate Centre for the 4IR in Kazakhstan, a round table was held, organized by the SPE Astana Section, on the topic "Transition to the international PRMS system for hydrocarbon reserves and resources". The AIFC Tech Hub has signed a cooperation agreement with the UN Children's Fund in Kazakhstan in the field of finding innovative solutions for a sustainable Internet payment model.
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- On 10 March 2022 a Round Table event was held in the format of a webinar on the topic “Accelerating the Adoption of 4IR Technologies in SMEs in Kazakhstan: Challenges and the Way Forward”, with participation of speakers, such as the Speaker from the 4IR Affiliate Centre in Brazil, government and industry representatives, as well as WEF experts in the field of Internet of Things. 

- The Centre for 4IR plans a strategic Intelligence Foresight session with experts from the World Economic Forum for stakeholders, i.e., ministries and large private sector companies. 

- On December 14, 2021, the affiliated center C4IR acted as an invited participant in the 2nd international online congress “G-Global. The World of the 21st Century”. The speakers were local and foreign experts. 

- A webinar series on AI in financial services "Webinar series on AI in financial services" was held on 8 December 2021 in cooperation with C4PR Russia. 

- On 2 December 2021, a Fellowship agreement was signed, between the affiliated C4IR and the Department of Digitalization of Almaty 

- On December 2, 2021, the affiliated Center 4IR in Kazakhstan took part in the annual international investment forum “Almaty Investment Forum” in the direction of Megatrends “IoT: Creating sustainable cities using Internet of things solutions”. As part of the WEF C4IR network, the affiliated Center in Kazakhstan invited Sridhar Raja Gadhi, founder and executive chairman of Quantela company. 

- On 1 December 2021, Pavel Koktyshev, Head of the C4IR in Kazakhstan, met with Mariam Al Muhairi, Head of the C4IR in the UAE. The Centres 4IR of the two countries will exchange experience on an ongoing basis, as well as assist in the development of national 4IR strategies and public-private initiatives in the field of new technologies at the local level. 

The UAE Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR UAE) is a collaboration between the Dubai Future Foundation and the World Economic Forum and is the first partnership centre in the world to open from April 2019. 

The center in the UAE serves as a global public-private platform for joint development of technology management protocols and policies. Each project portfolio works on a global scale, adapting each structure to the local ecosystem. 


- On 21 October 2021, the second online Seminar was held with WEF experts on areas such as the Internet of Things and urban transformation, blockchain and digital assets, and data policy. There was also a presentation on "Shaping the Future of Mobility: Aerospace, Drones, Automotive and Autonomous Mobility". 

- On 16 September 2021, the first event was held - a Roundtable, which took place in an online format to discuss the possibility of cooperation in the framework of WEF networking on the site of the Affiliate Centre. This webinar will feature leading WEF experts in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Digital Commerce, who will talk about available opportunities and current projects in these areas. We will also talk about the opportunities available at the 4IR Affiliate Centre.  

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