Startupbootcamp FinTech Dubai

Startupbootcamp FinTech Dubai


Kazakhstan and Central Asian fintech startups preselection tour in partnership with AIFC Tech Hub
Fast Track Day in Nur-Sultan
October, 29th
Winners of the Fast Track Event


Multis (Kazakhstan)
Namba Pay (Kyrgyzstan)
Lending Star (Singapore/Kazakhstan)
Tayyab (Kazakhstan)


Startupbootcamp (SBC) is a global family. Founded in 2010 in Copenhagen, Startupbootcamp has more than 25+ industry-focused programs with a mission to support startups all over the world.

In partnership with Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Visa, Mashreq and HSBC, Startupbootcamp will accelerate 10 startups working in a range of fields impacting financial services innovation.

SBC FinTech Dubai Accelerator 2020
10 startups
 in cash per startup
in partner perks
6 month 
office space
DIFC, Dubai, UAE
Key Focus Areas
Payments Lending
Blockchain & AI
Data modeling
Mobile & cyber security
Fraud prevention
Why join the program?
Living Expenses
€15,000 in cash per company provided to cover living expenses so teams can commit 100% of their time to the program.

Corporate Partners
Collaborate deeply with leading corporates in your industry to secure customers, pilot projects, and partnerships.

Global Network
Unmatched access to a global network of mentors, corporate partners, industry experts, and alumni across 40+ countries.

Tailored Mentorship
Carefully selected mentors from the FinTech industry who provide hands-on support and valuable introductions.

Coworking Space
Free coworking desk space at the dynamic office at FinTech Hive at DIFC for your entire team during the 3-month program.

Perks & Discounts
Over €500,000 in exclusive partner deals from leading technology providers such as Amazon, HubSpot, SendGrid, and others.

Alumni Growth Program
Continued post-program support far after the 3-month program ends through annual alumni events, deals and tailored introductions.

Industry Events
Exclusive exposure opportunities to take part in leading FinTech conferences and events as exhibitors and speakers.

Investor Access
Direct access to meet the most active angels and VCs investing in the FinTech industry from around the world.

Demo Day
A day to celebrate your achievements during the program with 400+ mentors, corporate partners, investors and press attendees.
September, 24
Aplications for preselection open
October, 21
Applications for preselection close
October, 29
Regional Preselection Day in Astana
  • up to 15 startups will be selected for pitching in front of Startupbootcamp representatives and 1:1 sessions
  • 1 or 2 best startups will be invited to Selection Day in Dubai in December, 14-16
Dec, 14-16
Selection Days in Dubai
  • Best 20 companies brought to Selection Days in Dubai
  • The top 10 startups are chosen by a Selection Committee
January, 19
Acceleration Program begins in Dubai
April, 05
Demo Day
Schedule of Preselection Day
October, 29
09:00 - 09:30
09:30 - 10:00
Coffee & Networking
10:00 - 10:30
Welcome speech & introductions
10:30 - 11:30
Fintech Talk - Fintech in UAE
11:30 - 13:00
Startup Pitch Session
5 minutes per startup + Q&A
13:00 - 14:00
14:00 - 16:30
1:1 interviews with startups
Announcement of the winners and sign MOU
Requirements for pitch deck structure
General requirements
  1. Presentation should be in English only.
  2. Number of slides - 15-20. Volume - up to 30 MB.
  3. Presentation should include a sufficient amount of text describing the product and how it works.
  4. Preferably using charts, graphs, pictures and infographics.
  5. If your product is still at the idea level - make assumptions on those moments where you do not yet have accurate data
1. Elevator Pitch
Describe your company in one simple sentence. The proposal should immediately give an idea of what your company does and why.
2. Problem
Describe your clients' issue/problem. How these issues are solved today and why existing proposals are not working enough.
Be very clear about the problem/issue you are solving:
  • for consumer concepts, talk about user needs
  • for corporate (b2b) ideas you need to show a deep understanding of the problem, you must be an industry expert


3. Solution

  • How does your product solve the problem?
  • How much better / cheaper / more innovative / faster than existing analogues?
  • How can you determine/measure the value created by your product? If this cannot be measured, then your product cannot be distinguished in the market.
4. Technologies
  • Tell us the technical side of your product (software and hardware).
  • What technologies are used, what integration is needed, platforms, resources.
  • What certification is needed.
  • The graphic scheme (project) of the product architecture is very welcome.
5. Market
What market share in terms of money can your product get in the future?
Analyze the market parameters:
  • PAM (Potential Available Market) - potential market volume;
  • TAM (Total Addressable Market) - the total volume of the target market;
  • SAM (Served / Serviceable Available Market) - available market volume;
  • SOM (Serviceable & Obtainable Market) is a real achievable market volume.
Describe the features of the market, restrictions, growth rates, structure, your place in the market.

6. Competitors
It is necessary to analyze direct and indirect competitors, as well as products substitutes. Remember that there are always competitors for any product.
7. Business-model
Calculate the unit-economy of your project.
Show how your product can earn or already earning.
If your product is only at the idea stage, simulate a situation based on a realistic scenario.
8. Marketing and growth strategy
Product marketing plan:
  • sales channels
  • approaches to advertising and positioning of the product
  • prospective customer engagement and retention mechanics
9. Team
  • You must show that your team is able to create/develop the proposed product and has all key competencies (programming, sales, marketing).
  • Tell us about the experience / expertise / knowledge of the team.