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Visa Everywhere Initiative

Visa Everywhere Initiative in Kazakhstan & Central Asia

in association with Astana International Financial Centre
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Visa Everywhere Initiative – is a global innovation program for supporting startups which is held in partnership with Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) with the main objective to promote innovations that help solve local market challenges and create new products and services in the field of financial technologies.
All participants of Visa Everywhere Initiative will get:
  • chance to implement their developments and ideas in cooperation with Visa or their partners - banks, insurance companies, mobile operators etc
  • opportunity to receive free training from AIFC's Incubation or Acceleration program
Startup Website Country Product
reKASSA Kazakhstan reKASSA – this is a free mobile application - a cash register that allows micro-business owners to save 60 thousand tenge
NambaPay Kyrgyzstan A mobile application impoverishing various payment methods and an integrated loyalty program
LendingStar Singapore LendingStar - financial platform where SME can sell its receivables and receive low-cost financing for its operations Kazakhstan Nebank – it is an aggregator of consumer lending and a service for selling goods on credit for offline and online stores, retailers and retail chains
MARTA Uzbekistan Mobile acquiring for EMV cards with MPOS card readers


Benefits for Winners of the program

Projects at the idea / prototype stage
Projects ready for implementation
  • Participation in the AIFC Tech Hub's Incubation program (May-July 2019)
  • Fixed workplace for 3 members of the team in the AIFC Tech Hub's co-working space in Astana for the period May-August 2019
  • Direct access to professional from the Fintech industry
  • Consultations with international fintech experts
  • Demonstration of your project during Astana Financial Day
  • The possibility of launching a pilot project in partnership with bank, insurance or telecom company
  • Opportunity to find work in the best companies of the financial sector of Kazakhstan
  • Opportunity to participate in the AIFC Tech Hub's Acceleration program (August-November 2019)
  • Fixed workplace for 3 members of the team in the AIFC Tech Hub's co-working space in Astana for the period August-February 2020
  • Assistance in entering the markets of Kazakhstan and Central Asia
  • Ability to start a joint project with Visa
  • Company registration at the AIFC Fintech Sandbox
  • Demonstration of your project during Astana Financial Day (pitch + booth)
  • Presentation of the project to potential partners banks, insurance, telecom companies
  • Presentation of the project to potential investors


Financial literacy
Financial services for individuals
Financial services for SMEs
B2B services for financial sector
Mobile Finance Services for Beeline

Challenge 1:
Financial literacy

Services that allow adults, children and teenagers to explore financial services and manage personal finances.
Detailed information
Financial literacy is a combination of knowledge and skills in the field of human financial behavior, leading to improved well-being and quality of life, ability and confidence in managing personal finances and long-term financial planning.
For this challenge, we are looking for innovative solutions that will help people with these issues:
  • make informed decisions when obtaining a loan: calculate the effective interest rate, compare your income with the amount of payments, evaluate financial risks, find the best credit conditions
  • form personal savings starting from small but regular savings
  • start using cashless payments instead of cash, learn how to get benefits from cashless payments and keeping money in banks
  • teach children and teenagers basic concepts of financial literacy: what money is and how it works, where it comes from, how to make money, how and why to make savings, how to pay with cards and telephone, safety rules in financial matters
  • master new banking technologies

Challenge 2:
Financial services for individuals

Services that simplify access to loans, money transfers and payments, allowing to compare financial services, providing new level of convenience, speed and consumer experience.
Detailed information
For this challenge we are looking for projects, services and mobile applications that are directed to individuals and customers
Examples of possible directions of current challenge:
  • Digital bank (neobank). Platforms that work in partnership with banks and provide a fundamentally new level of customer experience in financial services. The best examples of such banks are: Revolut, N26, Monzo, Monobank.
  • Lending. Services that allow you to get a loan quickly, at the best rate, in any situation and in the most convenient way (through card, account, mobile balance or cash).
  • Financial marketplaces. Assistance in choosing financial products and services, comparison, tips/advice
  • Loyalty systems tied to client's transactional activity (bonus, with cashbacks and others)
  • Personal finance management (PFM)
  • Islamic banking
Challenge 3:
Financial services for SMEs
Technological solutions that allow companies from different business areas and of different sizes to accept cashless payments, use loyalty systems, personalize relationships with customers.

Detailed information

As part of this challenge, we are looking for any services that make the work of small and medium size businesses more efficient through the introduction of innovative financial solutions and technologies for personalizing customer relationships.

Examples of directions for developing ideas:

  • Financial marketplaces for business. They allow you to choose the best service conditions in banks, get a loan, compare the cost of other financial services and order them.
  • Financial, accounting and management accounting of an enterprise
  • Solutions for receiving payments (QR codes, NFC, e-wallets)
  • Cloud Cash Solutions
  • Business hardware solutions (cash registers, terminals)
  • Lending, including crowdinvesting
  • Factoring
  • Invoicing
  • Services that solve unique financial problems in various segments (tourism, cafes / restaurants, education, health, etc.)

Challenge 4:

Technologies that drastically change insurance: online transfer of policies, use of the blockchain, automated underwriting, artificial intelligence, telematics, personalized insurance.

Detailed information

As part of this task, we are looking for services that will change the insurance market, make it cheaper and more popular among customers.

Examples of directions for developing ideas:
  • Insurance marketplaces. Aggregators to find the best deals in the insurance market.
  • Innovation in underwriting. Use of new sources of information, big data analysis and artificial intelligence.
  • Insurance Automation
  • Integration of insurance services with "smart devices" (fire sensors, smoke, flooding, etc.) and the creation of fundamentally new insurance products
  • Innovations in auto insurance (in particular, insurance telematics - devices that are installed in the car and allow you to control the movement parameters, on the basis of what the insurance product is built)
  • Personalized insurance products based on the use of principally new sources of information and big data analysis

Challenge 5:
B2B services for financial sector

Services and systems that allow to improve work and internal processes in banks and financial sector companies

Detailed information

As part of this task, we are looking for services and systems that allow us to improve work and internal processes in banks and financial sector companies.

Examples of directions for developing ideas:
  • Analytical systems based on open data
  • Credit scoring using Machine Learning technologies
  • Technologies that improve credit analytics during the loan servicing phase
  • Fraud monitoring (including using digital footprint)
  • Counterparty verification, early detection of potential problems
  • Improving the promotion of financial services online, new approaches to marketing
  • Innovations in improving internal banking processes: opening accounts, document flow, communication units
  • Remote Client Identification Mechanisms
  • Robo Advising, Chat Bots

Challenge 6:
Mobile financial services for Beeline

Financial services integrated with mobile operator Beeline

Detailed information

Beeline is looking for teams that can implement the following services:

1. A prototype of a virtual bank issuing virtual bank cards Visa Beeline, issuing microloans

2. Tools for making payments from the mobile balance in trade and service enterprises

3. Platform (application) for transfers from the balance to the balance of a mobile phone within one operator and to / from other operators with verification of the sender and receiver by means of biometrics

4. Platform for creating and managing a coalition bonus program with trade and service enterprises with payment for services from a mobile phone balance via a QR code and a Visa Beeline card

Program time line

Round 1.
Application process

March 13 - April 30

Submission and reviewing of applications, online interview with teams.

Selection of best teams 

May 1 - May 10

Selection of best teams to participate in the Semifinal in Astana. Up to 40 teams will be selected for participation.

Round 2.
bootcamp & demo

May 23-24

2-day Bootcamp, when teams will work with mentors to finalize their ideas and products. Presentation of projects in front of jury. Winners will continue to work on the project in Round 3.

Round 3.
Incubation program

June 1 - July 31

During the program, teams will implement their ideas along with the best mentors and consultants from the financial industry. The program will be held at the AIFC Fintech Hub in Astana.

@Astana Finance Days

July 2-4

Within the framework of the Astana Finance Days conference, a Demo day will be held, when all participants of the 3rd round will be able to present their projects to Visa, the Fintech community, bankers, investors and partners.


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Yevgen Lisnyak
Taras Volobuiev
Ivan Istomin

Senior Director, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Fintech and Ventures



Chief Startup Officer

AIFC Tech Hub


Managing Director of Retail Business

Alfa Bank Kazakhstan

Rashid Dusembaev
Zhanargul Izimova
Sergey Koptik

Managing Director

Centras Insurance

Managing Director of Retail Business

Sberbank Kazakhstan

Head of Mobile Financial Services

Beeline Kazakhstan

Andrey Rudov
Aleksander Bondarenko
Vitaly Kim

Head of Card Business

Home Credit Bank Kazakhstan



Head of Innovation Projects

Halyk Bank

Bolat Mynbayev
Alim Khamitov
Alexander Trapezin

Head of Strategy and Operations Group

KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia

PhD, Entrepreneur, Director

Business-incubator MOST


Tengri Bank


Tips for participants

Use Visa resources


Explore Visa' s APIs on the Visa Developer Platform to integrate into your product
Check out this video of past pitches to see how to present your ideas
Visa Developer Center > See on YouTube >

Recommended project presentation structure

General requirements
  1. Presentation should be either in Russian or English.
  2. Number of slides - 15-20. Volume - up to 30 MB.
  3. Presentation should include a sufficient amount of text describing the product and how it works.
  4. Preferably using charts, graphs, pictures and infographics.
  5. If your product is still at the idea level - make assumptions on those moments where you do not yet have accurate data
1. Elevator Pitch
Describe your company in one simple sentence. The proposal should immediately give an idea of what your company does and why.
2. Problem
Describe your clients' issue/problem. How these issues are solved today and why existing proposals are not working enough. Be very clear about the problem/issue you are solving:
  • for consumer concepts, talk about user needs
  • for corporate (b2b) ideas you need to show a deep understanding of the problem, you must be an industry expert
3. Solution
  • How does your product solve the problem?
  • How much better / cheaper / more innovative / faster than existing analogues?
  • How can you determine/measure the value created by your product? If this cannot be measured, then your product cannot be distinguished in the market.
4. Technologies
  • Tell us the technical side of your product (software and hardware).
  • What technologies are used, what integration is needed, platforms, resources.
  • What certification is needed.
  • The graphic scheme (project) of the product architecture is very welcome.
5. Market
What market share in terms of money can your product get in the future? Analyze the market parameters:
  • PAM (Potential Available Market) - potential market volume;
  • TAM (Total Addressable Market) - the total volume of the target market;
  • SAM (Served / Serviceable Available Market) - available market volume;
  • SOM (Serviceable & Obtainable Market) is a real achievable market volume.
Describe the features of the market, restrictions, growth rates, structure, your place in the market.
6. Competitors
It is necessary to analyze direct and indirect competitors, as well as products substitutes. Remember that there are always competitors for any product.
7. Business-model
Calculate the unit-economy of your project. Show how your product can earn or already earning. If your product is only at the idea stage, simulate a situation based on a realistic scenario.
8. Marketing and growth strategy
Product marketing plan:
  • sales channels
  • approaches to advertising and positioning of the product
  • prospective customer engagement and retention mechanics
9. Team
  • You must show that your team is able to create/develop the proposed product and has all key competencies (programming, sales, marketing).
  • Tell us about the experience / expertise / knowledge of the team.